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Breath Yoga Class/Pust Yoga

  • Herregårdsveien


This is a quiet restorative yoga focused in learning breath, breathing exercises, pranayama, full yoga breath, as well as other twenty breathing techniques. It is calm and the focus is on being able to relax deeply. You learn why awareness at your own breathing provides the opportunity to regulate your own stress in a more constructive way. It is also recommended to use heart rate monitor with HRV measures to really see what hides beneath. Breath yoga aims to help the individual to master and create a life more in harmony with themselves. Therefore, the Yama and Niyamas are also important every hour. This means that you do not just have Asana practice and there end the yoga. The asana is 1AV 8 body parts of the yoga. Therefore, yoga training gives elite insight into the causes of various imbalances and disorders in life. This cannot be called yoga, as a yogi means "one that is integrated". One that is integrated into association between awarness/conciousness, breathing and body. One who has worked through difficulties and pain and who is open to service to others. ​Teacher Alexander Teerth Skari has been doing yoga and self -development for more than 35 years.

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  • Herregårdsveien 12, Oslo, Norway

    + 91601441

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