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Reiki Treatment

BREATHE therapy (breathing and energy balancing)

Treatment based on unlocking repressed emotions via the breath. as well as balancing the autonomic nervous system. and the underlying energy in the body. The treatment takes place on a bench and through conversations, raising awareness, massage, physiotherapy and osteopathic techniques with a focus on respiratory muscles. This is to balance the autonomic nervous system in the body. 

This materializes in our bodily systems - Be it in the autonomic nervous system, in our emissions and especially in the BREATH, muscle and skeletal system  or the Endocrine system. , It can be depression, sadness, headaches, migraines, back problems, relationship problems, slight mental and spiritual imbalances - metabolic problems. Everything comes from our inner energy being out of balance. As everything materializes from energy then into a bodily system, - so all repressed energy will unfortunately over time create disease and suffering in us


Do you suffer from :  high blood pressure, anxiety, depression. negative thought patterns, anger, insomnia, restlessness, ME, back problems or do you struggle with a lot of muscle tension in your neck and  shoulders, Or do you have  fibromyalgia,   and want to work on finding the reasons why the problems keep coming back, then breathing therapy is something you should consider trying.


Learn to breathe correct  . Package  in 4 hours 5NOK 000 

Breathing therapy  50 min Price NOK 1,400 order packages here 

Appointment booking online:press his 

Gift cards are purchasedhere


Holistic coaching

Alexander has been doing inner work for 35 years and now sets up coaching for those who want to have a conversation partner on a deep and high level of consciousness.

alexander's ccoaching springs from recent research that suggests that everything consists of energy, in line with Einstein's theory of relativity, \( E=mc^2 \). This understanding, which recent research more and more confirms via quantum research, forms the basis for conversations and coaching, where one seeks deeper insight into one's current position and any obstacles. By recognizing that everything is energy, it becomes easier to explore one's potential and unique resources.

Some seek holistic coaching to identify their resources and potential, while others need help to make concrete choices or correct when things don't feel right in life. Some want to rediscover their vitality, while others seek more joy and inspiration. Motives for seeking guidance vary from curiosity to a desire to change or improve one's life. Others seek higher truths such as what is karma? or wishes for conversations about life after death. 

Through holistic coaching, one can stimulate vitality and develop further, both for one's own well-being and to positively influence one's surroundings.

The breath appears as a powerful tool when one learns to know and use it consciously. It is an essential key for presence and stress management in everyday life. Better breathing flow can result in deeper relaxation, reduced stress, less physical pain, improved concentration and focus, as well as a better connection with one's emotions and body. Simply to get better coherence between the body and the head. i.e. that you use both body awareness and head awareness to make good decisions  life and to dare to follow one's inner path, one's heart 

Despite its essential importance, it is remarkable how little attention we often pay to our own breath. The breath is always present, and its dual nature - both will-controlled and autonomous - makes it a powerful tool when one learns to know and use it consciously.

Alexander  he to support you to dare to go through your processes regardless of external or internal condemnation. Alexander has built up www.pustyoga based on his processes and daring to trust the inner power that lies within all of us. He calls it dharma or the inner path that is special just for you. It's about reducing stress, it's about pushing less mentally and through the breath letting go of the heart and gut feeling / i.e. better coherence in the body. Alexander has experience from being a manager, as well as from holding various courses for managers for over 10 years.  Alexander is free from dogma and wants to help you find the freedom to  be the best version of yourself where you live in harmony with your inner self, Alexander has had teachers such as: Deepak Chopra, Vasant swaha,Tony Robbins, Sri Chinnon. Papji 

If you can't afford it or are homeless, you can apply for free coaching. Possibly helping othersactivities. for an hour of coaching, you work 1 day with, for example, maintenance or washing or other 

Price list 

Breathing therapy  /breathing technique  50 min Price NOK 1,400

Breathing and energy balancing 60 min price NOK 1,600

First consultation is for 50 minutes, price NOK 1,600

Classic massage55 min price NOK 1200

Classic massage per 25 min price NOK 600

Holistic coaching 55 min price NOK 1,600

Yoga one to one or one to 2 NOK 1600

Learn to breathe correctly Package of 4 hours  costs SEK 5,000  

Stand on one fot - to be able to You nee

Breathe  yoga and meditation

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