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What our customers say 

Thanks to Alexander and Pust. I have attended several courses with Alexander and it has been very helpful. I work daily as a general manager and have a veryhectic everyday life  I always feel much lighter and  with a much better presence after breathing. In addition, my daughters have received very good help in coping with stress and finding peace and profit for School I heartily recommend  his courses .

Espen Mofjell 

I came with severe pain, inner turmoil and anxiety and within 3 hours got my life back as a gift  , I thank you with all my heart. I am now in  time to do the breathing exercises from  the breathing therapy and it helps me so much in restructuring my life.

Marianne M 



Alexander has taught me so much and I am so grateful! He is not "just" a yoga teacher, but he is so much more. He teaches me to love myself, to have enough courage to go my way, to find peace and balance and to find a deeper meaning in life

Miriam M  22

"Via the journey within yourself and an awareness of who you are, what you are and want to be, then you can be who you are. Feeling pain will increase awareness and lead to joy, being in the dark can lead to realization and presence."

Thanks to Pust Yoga and Alexander. Looking forward to more courses.



                                                                                                    Nina  P

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At we believe in the transformative power of breath and yoga to help you achieve a happier and healthier life. Our founder, Alexander is an experienced physiotherapist and yogi who understands how much the way we breathe affects our overall health and wellbeing. Join us ​​today and discover the benefits of breath work and yoga for yourself.BREATH yoga, Breathing Techniques  -

Most of us have experienced stress in our lives, and it can lead to a number of ailments. At Breath yoga and breathing techniques, we give you the methods to combat stress using controlled breathing and other techniques. We are proud to offer a unique and customized experience for all our students, while giving them the tools they need to cope with stressful and challenging situations in everyday life.

Breath yoga offers physical courses, training or online sessions with breathing work, yoga and a deep understanding of why a back position of the body's systems via the breath normally gives a prepared health, more surplus, energy as well as a deep peace and insight. 

Since the age of 14, Alexander has had a penchant for learning more about how breathing affects our bodily systems, either in a negative way, or in a positive way. His whole life has more or less  degree was about this work. He is a trained Physiotherapist, HSE adviser, while he considers himself a yogi. He started yoga cautiously at the age of 14-15 with self-study.

On this page, you can also order breathing sessions to get help with various health disorders using PUSTEn as a tool. read morehere 

At, we believe in the transformative power of breath and yoga to help you achieve a happier, healthier life. Our founder, Alexander Lever, is an experienced physiotherapist and yogi who understands just how much the way we breathe affects our overall health and well-being. Join us today and discover the benefits of breathwork and yoga for yourself.

See about the BREATHE method with physiotherapist Alexander Skari on TV2 

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"Let the beauty of what you love
be what you do"

Member of IYN - Independent yoga network. This is the association for yogis who fight for yoga to be free, not controlled as in the American Yoga Alliance.

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