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RELEASER is deep breath work with a focus on getting the diaphragm to open in all 6 planes. Release is about letting go  out suppressed emotions that create an imbalance in the autonomic nervous system over time. S Breath relate   mostly helps with imbalances  in body and mind and is sattvic. - It means on the other hand = sat - which means, true or pure wisdom. So true wisdom is that all repressed emotions/stress create imbalances in the body's systems which over time become unbalanced and become ill. 

The reason why it helps against imbalances lies in the fact that deep down we are energy. When imbalances occur in our energy body (Eckardt Tolle), various imbalances materialize in the body and ego. This materializes in our bodily systems - Be it in the autonomic nervous system, in our emissions, in the muscle and scales system or in the Endocrine system. 
, It can be depression, sadness, headaches, migraines, back problems, relationship problems, slight mental and spiritual imbalances - metabolic problems 
Everything comes from our inner energy being out of balance. As everything materializes from energy then into a bodily system, - so all repressed energy will unfortunately over time create illness and suffering in us. So  BREATH release is a deep cleaning or reset of the body's systems.
The release contains various breathing techniques to bring out repressed emotions, such as stress, irritation, anger, despair, fear then a phase of no mind meditation. 
Then there are different phases where you move freely to the music, this includes dance, movement and finding your way back to the joy of pure movement. 

The release ends with either yoga or meditation in silence 

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