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The online course: BREATH as MEDICINE


 I have created this course to teach you the breathing techniques based on research and above

25 years of experience as a physiotherapist, breathing expert, yoga practitioner and, not least, experience in

my own body through dealing with deep depression, anxiety and stress myself. 

the course consists of a theory part as well as over  20 videos with breathing exercises 

Module 1: Breathing and stress management

  • Introduction to the connection between breathing and stress.

  • Breathing exercises to manage and reduce stress using the breath.

  • Awareness of the breath as a tool for immediate stress reduction.

Module 2: Breathing and anxiety (phobias)

  • Understanding how breathing affects anxiety levels.

  • Breathing techniques to manage anxiety and panic attacks.

  • Integrating the breath as part of anxiety management.

Module 3: Breathing influence  on mental health 

  • Understanding how breathing affects your mental health

Module 4: Breathing and depressions

  • Exploring the relationship between breathing and depression.

  • Breathing techniques to increase energy levels and improve mood.

  • Using the breath as a daily routine for coping with depression.

Module 4: Breathing and sleep

  • The connection between breathing and sleep quality.

  • Breathing techniques to calm the nervous system before bed.

  • Creating a relaxing sleep ritual with a focus on breathing.

Module 5: Breathing and high blood pressure

  • Investigate how breathing affects blood pressure.

  • Practical breathing techniques to reduce blood pressure.

  • Integrating conscious breathing as part of a healthy lifestyle for cardiovascular disease.

Module 6: Breathing and digestion

  • Understanding the connection between the breath and the digestive system.

  • Breathing techniques to promote better digestion.

  • Introduction of "coherence breathing" for optimal digestive function.

Module 7: The influence of breathing on the nervous system and coherence

  • Dive deeper into the role breathing plays in the autonomic nervous system.

  • Coherence: How to create harmony between breath and heart rate.

  • Practical exercises to achieve coherence in the body and reduce stress response.

Module 8: Breathing and health - Research on slow breathing

  • Explore scientific studies on slow breathing and health benefits.

  • Discussion of research findings regarding the impact of breathing on body and mind.

  • Summary of the course and encouragement to implement breathing techniques as an ongoing part of daily life for increased health and well-being.

Module 9: The role of breathing in elite sports

  • Investigation of how conscious breathing can improve performance in sports.

  • Breathing techniques for athletes and training.

 Module 10: Breathing and yoga's influence on depression and exhaustion.

  • Breathing exercises 

  • breath yoga program

  • Research on breathing exercises and depression

  • Research on breathing exercises and yoga












SAVE 50%

Each module normally costs NOK 799. The course consists of 10 modules with a total value of onNOK 7990

Now offer on the course for NOK 3999

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VDid you know that symptoms such as restlessness, anxiety, poor digestion, low energy, high blood pressure and pain in the body can have a direct relationship with the way you breathe?


Or that every emotion changes your breathing pattern?Using simple techniques, we have helped countless customers to a life with greater inner peace, better sleep, fewer pains, better digestion and a far better sense of self and healthe. 

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